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Publish Catalog
multimedia CD Catalog / multimedia CD Brochure

Once user has built catalog, it can be quickly published at multimedia CD catalog.

  • Click Menu - Publish - multimedia CD catalog or click button on application's tool bar and select multimedia CD catalog. (User can also quickly create multimedia CD catalog by selecting catalog from catalog browse pane in catalog management window and then clicking )

  • Clicking the above, will open Publish Catalog  Window


  • Select catalog for which, multimedia CD catalog is required to be prepared. (in the event, user has accessed this window from catalog management window, user need not select catalog for multimedia CD catalog publishing)

  • Click  to select the folder path on your hard disk drives, where you want to save multimedia CD catalog

  • Click  to start the process of multimedia CD catalog creation

  • A new window will open to display multimedia CD catalog process. User may stop the process by clicking

  • Upon completion of process, user may preview the multimedia CD catalog by clicking or may also review log in the event of any error by clicking

  • Now, multimedia CD catalog is available at your system for burning on CD diskettes and distribution.

Features of multimedia CD catalog

  • Standard introduction pages as planned in theme setting (e.g. default gateway page, contact page, company profile page, feedback page etc)

  • Auto Run catalog, upon insertion of CD into CD Rom (to make it run on self start mode, user will be required to burn all files at catalog folder at the root of media)

  • product catalog as per features and design settings opted while catalog building (for example)

    • collection driven navigation

    • thumbnail view of catalog items,

    • customized catalog item's contents

    • catalog item detail page with full size graphic,

    • catalog item's additional view special graphics,

    • catalog item special graphic effects like zoom view , full view, special map view graphic view

    • catalog search facility

    • catalog slide show

    • selection basket for multimedia CD catalog viewer (for online selling, please contact us for free service of catalog integration with payment gateway)

  • User may double click any specific thumbnail to  see its catalog item page with large sized graphics and additional info.


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