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Catalog Items

Manage Catalog Items

Once you have created collection groups / sub groups, the most important aspect is now to work with catalog items. 
The configuration setting is very important to be looked into for effective catalog content building.

You must carefully plan the products for catalog inclusions. The CatalogBuilder provides quick and easy way to manage your catalog items, in line with industry practices and business requirement. One must carefully plan the followings:

  • catalog items (depending upon your business, your product line and campaign)

  • graphics of catalog items (quality and its size must be good enough to impress upon your viewer)

  • for a specific catalog items, special view graphics (e.g. closeouts  and large view to display design in effective manner etc), if any

  • grouping of catalog items under collection groups/subgroups for effective navigation

  • catalog item coding and name structure in line with your inventory structure and/or business practices

  • adequate description of products/catalog items, so that your catalog viewer can select with minimum interaction with you

  • pricing information disclosure (optional). However, its disclosure will always make visitor comfortable for its budget and buying practices.

Select the following program tools/feature to effective catalog item related content building:


How to Add New Catalog Item (s)
How to Delete/Remove Catalog Items
How to Move Selected Catalog Item to another collection group / sub group (change its hierarchy)
How to Auto update Product (Catalog Item) Code
How to Auto update Product (Catalog Item) Code
How to manage catalog item details (name, code, description, pricing etc)
How to manage additional graphics (e.g. closeouts, multiple views etc) for a catalog item
How to modify existing graphic of catalog items
What will happen, if my catalog item's graphics are corrupted/deleted from program files by mistake  
How do I display special design effects to my viewer (as full size view sometimes fail to demonstrate design adequately)
How to search catalog item
How to view catalog items in CatalogBuilder

Why should you manage catalog items in collection groups / sub groups ?

  • for easier management and quick searching within CatalogBuilder

  • Once you publish and distribute your catalog, your viewer / visitor can conveniently navigate the entire catalog.

  • uniform structure in terms of catalog item codes (SKU) and sequence of display in catalog as well in slide shows


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