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Design Setting for Catalog

Customize and Configure Catalog Items


  • In Design Setting Window, click edit collection items pane  for various configurations and customization  of catalog items.

    Using this pane, user can view its catalog collection driven items from collection group sub pane in this pane. To view all catalog items, user need to click collection node from the sub pane.

    User may preview catalog item graphic by selecting catalog item from catalog items list on the pane.  To remove any selected catalog item, Click Remove button (User can remove the catalog items from catalog management window as well)

In addition to catalog items removal, User can set the sequence of catalog items in published catalog (including on slide show in published catalog). To rearrange the sequence of catalog items:

  • Step I   select sorting order- ascending or descending from drop down list

  • Step II  select the sorting criterion - code / name / collection group / date of insertion into CatalogBuilder

  • Step III  click Apply button

  • Upon clicking, the program will re arrange all catalog items in the sorting order given.

  • User may also set the sequence manually by first- selecting catalog item and then clicking UP / DOWN button

User may insert more catalog items by editing existing catalog from Catalog Management Window.


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