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Building Catalog Contents

It's important to give some thought to your catalog's basic structure before actually building your catalog. A catalog can consist of many pages (like gateway page, company profile page, feedback page) and product graphics driven  pages linked together.

You might find it helpful to sketch out a simple tree structure or page hierarchy that illustrates the relationships between pages. This will make creating your site-wide navigation a lot easier.

Essentially, you must focus on the following contents:

  • The pages relating to your company and response mechanism (e.g.  Home page / Gateway page, Company Profile Page / About us, Contact info page / Contact Us etc) - This section will be determined by the theme you choose and In custom theme, you may prepare many of such pages with their respective navigation link.

    How many pages will your catalog contain? Which pages will link to each other? What information will you present on each page? Be sure to consider creating a navigation bar for use on your  pages to help your catalog viewers /  visitors find their way around your catalog..

  • Manage Catalog Items: This is heart of your entire presentation and contents will essentially include thumbnail view, full sized image views and special graphic options etc.

  • Details / Contents  on your catalog items

To manage effective contents of your catalog, follow the followings:

Manage Collection Groups / Sub Groups so that viewer can easily move through entire catalog.
Manage Catalog Items- quick and easy way to insert and remove catalog items
Manage Catalog Item Contents and additional graphics in line with  business practices &  campaign.

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