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Building and Managing Catalog

Build New Catalog

CatalogBuilder facilitates quick catalog building

  • Click Menu - Catalog - Build New Catalog

    or click button     from program quick buttons to start the process.

  • Clicking the above, will open Catalog Window


    • Fill the friendly catalog name (compulsory input) - once created, this can not be changed / modified.

    • Fill the catalog description / notes (for internal references only)- optional input

    • Fill the primary email Id (compulsory input) - it will be used to create response sheet

    • Fill the secondary email Id (optional input)

  • Click next in the wizard

    and follow the catalog item selection process.

  • Click next   in the wizard and read catalog building guideline.

  • Click finish   to complete catalog building process. User can modify catalog info and catalog items list in future from Catalog Management Window.

  • Upon clicking finish, program will prompt for display and feature selection process (catalog's design setting window). User can skip this and customize catalog's design setting at later time. If user does not opt for customization, catalog building is done with default settings.

  • Click Back /Next  ( ) to navigate wizard pane and click cancel  to skip the process.



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