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CatalogBuilder Maintenance
Database / Graphic File's Integrity and Maintenance

CatalogBuilder facilitates quick maintenance and  integrity test of your data on its own at each stage of its application process:

  • Graphic File Integrity (in the event, the graphic file of a catalog item is damaged, corrupted or lost, Program maintains its integrity and try to restore on its own from its original source ) In addition to ongoing integrity test, application also facilitates data integrity test at startup of application (user may select this option at user login window). Program will try to restore the damaged/corrupted graphic files from its original location. In the event of file not found at original source destination, application will remove such data to avoid instability of program.

  • While accessing any graphic file, if it fails integrity test; application silently try to restore it.

  • quick and easy back up of entire data option from program. It is recommended to take data backup at frequent intervals.

  • quick and easy restoration of back up data

  • quick transfer of data from Vevo! DigitalPhotoAlbum


How to Backup CatalogBuilder data and Restoration of backup data
How to carry out integrity test of graphic files

If the existing graphic files are corrupted or accidentally deleted from program, application tries to restore the graphic files at many stages from the original source files (files from which the product graphics were added). Upon unable to find the original graphic files, it removes the catalog item from CatalogBuilder to ensure integrity and stability of the application. User may run data integrity check from application login window as well.

While at login window, select the checkbox (Select to run integrity check) and then click to login through secured mode or guest mode.


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